Boston Above The Haze

A Chi Alpha Campus Ministry

Faith, Hope & Love Change Everything


Jesus is about new starts and vision. He looks forward and offers new possibilities for growth and positive change by dealing with our needs and the needs of those around us. Our culture, our society, our friends, the people within arm's reach of us are looking for new hope that doesn't disappoint, and who need love regardless of their situation. That hope and love is found in faith in the vision of Jesus.

That may seem like a lot to embrace all at once, our goal is to help each other find a way forward by exploring the faith, hope & love that Jesus offers.

Above The Haze is a Christian Community of Discipleship, pursuing Worship, Prayer, Witness, Service, and Justice.

In addition to our weekly meeting, Above The Haze offers relational Bible Studies called Cores. These are groups of students that meet regularly to explore Scripture, support each other, and encourage one another while applying what they have learned.


Additional opportunities to learn, grow, serve, and get to know each other are offered as well. Every semester there is a weekend retreat. We have service projects on campus or in the greater Boston area. During spring break we participate in a mission trip to Haiti. And we take any opportunity we can get for some good, healthy partying together.

Above The Haze • 71 Church Street #2 • Winchester, MA • 01890

Weekly Meeting • Friday Nights, 6:00 • CAS B36 Boston University • Everyone Welcome!